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Why I Am A Zionist

Published in Midstream | Summer 2011
In the year 2001 of the Christian era my wife and I became Israeli citizens and moved from New York City to Netanya in Israel. We are living there still. I guess that makes me a Zionist. But when people in Israel ask me why I gave up our comfortable life in the United States to live in a nation under siege, I have trouble coming up with a good answer. I usually say, “Because I want to live in a Jewish neighborhood.”
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In Defense Of Jewish Nationalism

Published in Midstream | Spring 2011

Hardly anyone uses the term, “Jewish nationalism”, nowadays, yet it would not be difficult to identify various aspects of Jewish tradition and culture to which the term could legitimately be applied.
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The Parisian Club De La Revolution Of The 18th Arrondissement 1870-1871

Published in Past & Present, a Journal of Historical Studies | April 1968
Paris Commune of 1871 has been to underline the need for a fresh approach to the still unresolved question of whether or not the
Commune ought to be regarded as a socialist revolution. It is now becoming increasingly clear that much of the past debate over this question was predicated upon an inadequate factual understanding of the complex political groupings from which the Commune arose.
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American Imperialism And The Peace Movement

Published in ‘Studies On The Left’ | May-June 1966
ONE OF THE WEAKNESSES of the American peace movement as presently constituted is that it lacks a clearly defined theory of imperialism. Various elements within the movement as a whole do hold definite views on this question, but there is neither general agreement as to their relevance nor much inclination to test conflicting interpretations against the available evidence.
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Settlements are the issue

published in New English Review | August 2011
You often hear defenders of the Netanyahu government say, in opposition to demands for a settlement freeze, “Settlements are not the issue. The issue is the Palestinian refusal to accept the existence of Israel as a Jewish state.” The unspoken subtext behind this argument is that if only the Palestinians would accept the existence of Israel, the issue of the settlements could easily be resolved, with Israel retaining some and abandoning others.
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From Habiru to Hebrews: The Roots of the Jewish Tradition

published in New English Review | October 2009
I come from a secular Jewish background, the son of Jewish parents who belonged to the Communist Party during the 1930s. They left the Party in 1939, around the time of the Nazi-Soviet Pact, and also left each other, getting divorced when I was about two years old.
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Calendar Wars

published in New English Review | November 2009
One of the most ancient and the most fundamental forms of ideological hegemony is control over the calendar. For example, by dividing all time into Before and After the alleged date of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Christian religion has succeeded in introducing its point of view into the heart of the so-called “civil calendar” now in use in the greater part of the world. But just what is this point of view? The so-called “civil calendar” comes in two versions, one “Julian” and the other “Gregorian”, and the two have one thing in common: they are both Roman.
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Judeo-Masonic Thought And The Birth Of The Modern

published in New English Review | December 2009
Anyone familiar with the European anti-Semitic literature of the 19th and early 20th centuries will be struck by the extent to which this literature is directed not only against the Jews but also against the Freemasons. In the so-called “Protocols of the Elder of Zion” and similar expositions of a mythical Jewish conspiracy to rule the world, the Freemasons are assigned a major role in the alleged conspiracy.
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