A Cry From The Heart

As I survey the wreckage of everybody’s hopes and dreams, I ask: how come we don’t have a political party that stands for what I believe?  It seems obvious to me that we will never have world peace until we have world prosperity.  World prosperity is not a Utopian goal. The technology exists right now to feed, clothe, house, educate and even entertain every human being on earth at a reasonable level of comfort.  Why isn’t this happening?  For the obvious reason that there doesn’t exist any public or private authority charged with making it happen.  Existing governments are concerned only with the well being of individual countries, and the United Nations has no authority over the world economy.  Multi-national corporations do engage in a considerable amount of global economic planning, but the goal of this planning is to maximize corporate profits, not improve living standards for the human race.  The benefits of modern technology are therefore distributed in an uneven manner, and little or no attention is directed to preventing environmental degradation.  The result is well known: wealth for some, poverty for others, strife, discord and pollution for all.


Well then, I hear someone say, why don’t you join a party that advocates world socialism?  Unfortunately, I never found such a party that didn’t have a hostile attitude towards the state of Israel.  Some say we shouldn’t exist at all, others say we can exist providing that we give our Palestinian enemies the opportunity to acquire enough weapons to destroy us.  And the United Nations, which would be the logical body to place in charge of the world economy, has a long history of hatred of Israel.  How could it be otherwise, seeing that the Arabs and Muslims control such a large bloc of votes in the General Assembly?  So long as the Arabs and Muslims hope to destroy us, the United Nations will reflect their wishes.  And we have other enemies too, but I won’t even go into that.  The long and the short of it is that there is no foreseeable world government that would not adopt a fundamentally negative stance relative to the state of Israel.


I suppose at this point I should launch a long exposition of why we have a right to exist, why we are really not such bad people after all,. why the hostility against us is unjustified.  Unfortunately, I’m tired of proving why I shouldn’t be killed.  You’ll just have to take my word for it.  The point is, here I am dreaming of a better world, and all the world can think of is what’s wrong with me.  And that’s why I can’t find a political party that believes what I believe.


Oh yeah, you say, everybody’s out of step but my Johnny.  Well, yes, it does seem as if the whole world has gone crazy.  On the one side we have our friends, the idealistic Americans, armed with every conceivable weapon of mass destruction, trying to preserve the God-given American right to ride to the supermarket in a really large car.  On the other side we have our enemies, the fanatical Muslims, blowing up as many people as possible just to keep over half a billion women in their place.  And in between we have the hypocritical Europeans, the greatest mass murderers in human history, roaming the globe instructing everyone else on human rights.  Doesn’t anyone out there have any sense?  Why are the Russians, the Chinese and the North Koreans selling nuclear technology and missiles to the Syrians and Iranians?  Why, to kill us, why else?  Would you please look at this picture and tell me: who are the good guys?


I suppose I could think of the Africans and Latin Americans as good guys, since they don’t have the money or the means to seriously threaten anyone.  But they vote against us in the UN too.  When I was young I learned that socialism was the hope of the future.  It would introduce a rational, planned economy into the already industrialized countries and enable the former colonies of the Third World to industrialize too.  Some of this has actually happened – look at China, for example – but one thing socialism doesn’t seem to have done is to convince anyone that Jews have a right to live.  To the contrary, the only people in the whole world who seem to feel at all strongly about this are the American capitalists.  And that is only because we gave them thermonuclear weapons.  Meanwhile, most of the socialists, ex-socialists and crypto-socialists in the world are doing their best trying to help the Arabs and Muslims kill us.  Should I therefore believe that enabling the multi-national corporations to control the world economy is a good thing for the human race?  I can’t believe that because it isn’t true.  Do you begin to see my problem?


Too bad the socialists don’t understand that it’s their problem too.  The more anti-Semitic the socialists have become, the weaker they have become.  No one believes in socialism anymore except us Jews.  Quiet as it’s kept, Israel is still one of the most socialist countries on earth.  There is no private property in land except in the Arab sector.  Everything else is owned by the state and leased to those who use it.  State owned and cooperative enterprises used to account for about 60% of all economic activity.  This percentage has been considerably reduced in recent years due to the constant pressure to privatize from the “international community”, but the government still has a great deal of influence over how the economy is run.  Agriculture, apart from the Arab sector, is almost 100% in the hands of socialist kibbutzim or communal moshavim, whose annual yield feeds the entire country and is even exported.  Socialism in Israel is a great success story, but no one knows this due to the fact that our capitalist friends don’t approve of it and our socialist enemies are too busy portraying us as colonialists and imperialists.


What went wrong with the rest of the world?  The way I see it, the problem is that the world is unable to make the transition from capitalist globalization to socialist globalization.  Globalization is basically a good thing, not a bad thing, but it can be a bad thing in the wrong hands.  The world is a globe, after all, and anybody with any sense knows that eventually the human race will figure out a way to organize itself on a global basis.  The United Nations is already a step in that direction, but the United Nations is not a world government and as presently constituted is not fit to run the world.  It is essentially a political body without real power, much given to posturing and empty rhetoric, whereas what is needed is above all a world economic organization.  Many countries can’t solve their economic problems by themselves because they lack the resources and the technology to do so.  Only a world economic organization can achieve world prosperity, but the large industrialized countries don’t want to surrender any portion of their sovereignty to a world body.  They are afraid, whether rightly or wrongly, that they would be less prosperous under such an arrangement.  Yet at the same time they are constantly bringing smaller and less industrialized countries into their economic orbit through the agency of the multi-national corporations.  No one can see a way out of this impasse, so just about everybody vents their frustrations by blaming the Jews.


What is needed, it seems, is a pro-Jewish movement for the establishment of a global economic authority.  Can anyone imagine such a thing?  I can, why can’t you?  It would say something like this: the Jews have been persecuted for thousands of years for dreaming of a better world, a world of peace and prosperity for all.  This persecution will never end until that dream is achieved, and a world economic organization is the only possible way to achieve it.  You know this, I know this, why don’t we make it happen?.

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